Release History
New features and fixes in Harris Matrix Composer Software.
Version 2.0b
Because of troubles with the installation process, we switched to an entirely new installation system.
It is recommended to uninstall previous versions of the program prior installation.
win | mac
Version 2.0a
The layout mechanism works now better with certain invalid matrices.
Entries now sorted in combo box of relations editor.
win | mac
Version 2.0
Added export of matrices as XML files.
Added export of matrices as CSV files.
Enhanced matrix insertion mechanism with merging of duplicate nodes.
Enhanced search panel with additional filter properties.
Better layout mechanism and enhanced hmcx file format.
Various bug fixes in layout validator, relations editor, etc.
Works now with Windows 8
win | mac
Version 1.7
Added new Harris Matrix file format (.hmcx), which is basically a zipped archive containing xml data.
It is recommended to use this new file format for storing your Harris Matrix data.
Added export of matrices as GraphML files (.graphml)
Enhanced print dialog with new scaling capabilities
win | mac
Version 1.6b
Changed the installer system for Windows and Mac OSX.
Version 1.6a
Bugfix: sometimes the relations editor added two identical arrows to the matrix.
Bugfix: sometimes it was not possible to add a relation to "Unexcavated" after loading a file.
Version 1.6
Introducted new licence models.
Now possible to merge a matrix with the loaded one via "Insert Harris Matrix".
Changed help system.