Product Overview - Composing

The Harris Matrix Composer is based on single excavation projects. A new excavation project starts with a minimal but valid Harris Matrix. It consists of the top surface of the excavation site ? the unexcavated archaeological stratification ? and the interface to the geological stratification.

Create new units of stratification i.e. surfaces or deposits by selecting the corresponding tool on the toolbar and clicking into the position where you like them to be placed. Units of stratification are shown in red as long as they are invalid. Each unit of stratification except the preset top surface and the interface to geology must be set in stratigraphic relation with at least one unit above and at least one below it to be valid.

Use the tool for stratigraphic relations and set the relation (above) by drawing an edge from the unit that is above to the one that is below. Most invalid relations are recognized as you try to draw them and declined. See the status bar at the bottom of the window for an explanation of the reasons. If a valid target has been chosen a directed edge will connect both units and its arrow head indicates which one is below the other.